Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief

Apr 18, 2019

Natural calamities are sudden, and it can cause great damages and sufferings. In the advent of such disastrous incidents, having an action plan & alleviate difficulty can reduce many long-lasting issues. One such major and vertical issue is sanitation. Water, energy, personnel, transportation and allocation of resources in such calamity-stricken areas tend to become very limited. Sanitation systems suffer during these times and it can lead to unsafe and unhygienic surroundings which in turn can cause a lot of epidemic diseases. Hence, we need to have sustainable sanitation systems.

At Releaf Sanitation Solutions, they provide innovative and sustainable sanitation systems using waterless portable urinals and portable toilets with biodigester tanks (bio tanks) which act as a treatment system. In addition, Releaf also follows a procedure for collecting and disposing waste. Their systems are agronomics and is socially acceptable, prevents contact with human waste environmental pollution and social problems can be reduced both during and after restorations.