Matt, Around the world on a bicycle, at Releaf
Matt, Around the world on a bicycle, at Releaf

Jun 03, 2019

Mathew Cyriac, a wanderlust who believes Money is nothing to chain your love for travel. All he has is a bicycle and unquenchable thirst for new travel experiences. Mat is a native of Poland, started off his journey from London crossing way too many numbers of barriers and reached in Kerala on his journey to Australia before winter kicks in.

Matt was surprised to see the activities of Releaf and spoke very appreciative of our eco-friendly efforts to make this world a better place. Matt eagerly went through the details of the projects that we had taken up till date and his remarks were quite impressive.

Being in Kerala for the first time, Matt was pretty surprised and excited about the culture and positive attitude of the people here. He spared his valuable time by accompanying us on one of our recent bio-campaigns. It is an honour for Releaf to have become a host for a man of such an inspiration and desire.