RELEAF-Leading portable restroom services in India!!
RELEAF-Leading portable restroom services in India!!

Mar 28, 2019

Of all the inventions made in the recent past, portable toilets have been one of the most significant yet neglected inventions. Restroom facilities are essential for travellers, for guests at outdoor functions, festivals, pilgrimage centres, construction areas and so on. Apart from providing meaningful solutions, it comes with lots of benefits especially for people with mobility impairment. Toilets with ramps make it easier for people bound to wheelchair to make use of this facility. Portable toilets can be shifted from one place to another and making use of it as and when requirement arises is an added plus. For instance, venues where large crowd gathers for an event or in the aftermath of a disaster where homes have been destroyed, setting up temporary toilets can be of immense relief. These mobile restrooms can then be moved to areas where it is required.

Sustainable sanitation system is pivotal to reduce and stop the outbreak of epidemic diseases in the events of any natural disaster. It is important to comply by the laws set by the government while setting up portable toilets in building sites or any other venues. It should be economically viable, socially acceptable and should not be harmful to the environment or any natural resources. Being one of the most cost effective methods and known to save a considerable amount of time for installing the toilets, it is widely preferred by businesses and pilgrimage centres. It proves equally beneficial for the employees and visitors to the shrines or any other places of worship respectively.  

On the environmental front, massive amount of water is saved compared to gallons of water used for every single flush in a permanent restroom. Diseases are prevented as people would opt to use a toilet than polluting the environment by using public spaces to relieve themselves. Releaf sanitation solutions employs innovative methods to discard waste matter by using waterless urinals and bio digester toilet system. Special care and precautions are taken at the time of installation of portable toilets, with no risk of impacting the area around the toilets.

Installing portable toilets is definitely a sustainable choice and a much needed one especially in the shanty areas of India. These portable toilets can be rented from Releaf sanitation solution, thereby meeting the needs of people and simultaneously saving the environment.