Bio Tank - Bio Septic Tank

Bio Tank - Bio Septic Tank


Dimensions 1000 to 3000 ltrs capacity
Material Poly Ethylene
Capacity Black
Usage 5 to 500 users


The normal septic tanks produce an effluent with high percentage of pathogens. The high pathogen count in drinking water will affect the health and cognitive development of children. Worldwide, 5.3% of all deaths and 6.3 % of disabilities are caused by poor sanitation, hygiene and water. One in every ten deaths in India is linked to poor sanitation and hygiene. Releaf brings to you BIO TANKS, a Highly Innovative technology for disposal of human waste in an ecofriendly manner. All the disease causing pathogens are totally eliminated, and the effluent can be drained to any surface without any environmental hazard makes this Innovation stand out from other common Toilets.