Comfort Plus Urinals

Comfort Plus Urinals


Dimensions 4 x 4
Material HDPE
Colour Grey, Blue, Red
Usage Portable Urinals


A regular flush toilet uses about 7,500 litres of clean drinking water to flush 1500 urinations. The Comfort Plus only needs 20 litres to flush the same quantity of urine! That makes for a 1600% water waste reduction, thanks to the Comfort Plus models.

Comfort Plus is indispensable at:
rock concerts, festivals, sporting events, campsites, places of entertainment, fun fairs, open days, parties, markets, village fairs, car parks, petrol stations, picnic sites, parks, shopping centres, historic town centres, marinas, etc...

By deploying the Comfort plus urinals, a festival organiser will provide sufficient sanitary facilities and consequently eradicate queuing for the toilet, or at least keep it to a minimum. A big advantage is that it is very easy to tell whether it is occupied or not. And the organiser will make better use of the space available, as a Comfort Plus model offers 4 toilets instead of 1. The space that is saved can be used for stalls that generate revenue.

Local councils or governments can opt to use the Comfort Plus in urban areas and be seen to actively tackle street fouling problems. This requires less investment than the installation of permanent sanitary facilities.