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If you are an event planner or host, holding a festival or a rally, it becomes your responsibility to have portable toilets for your guests. Releaf ensures to meet your arrangements because this is our area of expertise. In any event, if there are not enough portable restrooms available, it will put the guests in a tough situation and they leave the host with a bad impression.

Waste Evacuation Services
Waste Evacuation Services
Our Commitment towards cleanliness is at par with our policy. If you ever want the unit cleaned or replaced, we are just a call away. We have the equipment that clean, replace and even repair. Our program is flexible that schedules the frequency of waste evacuation service as needed so that the units are always clean.
  • Evacuating holding tank
  • Sanitizing the restrooms
  • Treatment supplies
Organic farming
Organic Farming
We are contributing to a sustainable environment for generations to come. Re-leaf transforms the waste into fertilizer. The waste is transported to collection sites.